I can honestly say that the help Heather has given me has been life changing. I had begun to despair that my life was just becoming a vicious circle of binging and purging. My self esteem was rock bottom and my health was beginning to suffer. It was my husband who urged me to contact her as I think he realised that I needed professional help. The most important thing to me was that she explained my illness in detail and helped me understand why I did what I did. She was never judgmental and always had a good supply of tissues. We discussed many issues even going back to childhood. It was a fantastic experience to be able to talk to her about anything, no matter how trivial. I don’t feel that I carry the burden of those thoughts and memories with me anymore. She has taught me to move forward. We worked together to develop coping strategies which I now use everyday. To know that she is there for me gives me a great sense of comfort, I think I’m beginning to like myself a bit more at last. Thank you Heather.